Jabari Parker Will Contribute in NBA Due to "Rebounding, Defense, and Communication"

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

For you suffering Philadelphia 76ers fans out there, you have to read this piece below.

Tyler Tynes is a basketball writer whose work you should get familiar with if you are not already, and his open letter to 76ers fans about Jabari Parker is a must read.

The piece goes on to claim that basically the 76ers should be thrilled to get either Andrew Wiggins or Parker, but that the Simeon forward brings a variety of skills to the table.

“A lot of people are projecting Jabari based on his skill level and body type to have a Carmelo Anthony type impact in the pros,” a college scout told Tynes. “But I think he contributes in the NBA not just from a scoring perspective like Carmelo, but also in other facets of the game like rebounding, defense, and communication. I think he helps a variety of teams like Phoenix, Boston, Philly, Utah and many others who may be in position to draft him next year if he comes out. His mental approach to the game is already at an elite level, and he’ll blend very well with NBA teams due to that approach he takes.”

Any team in the league would be glad to have Parker, and so in years like this teams tend to tank. ULtimately though the Sixers might be disappointed, because in my opinion Parker will have quite a long career in Durham.

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