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Andrew Wiggins Only Freshman Ever Named to Big 12 Preseason All Conference Team

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Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games

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Well, forward Andrew Wiggins is going to be trending lately folks and in a huge way. With his Sports Illustrated cover dropping today, basketball fans all over the world are going to be talking about this young man and rightfully so. Pretty amazing to be on the cover of SI before you have ever played a college game, but Wiggins is just that good folks.

He is the only freshman ever to be named to the Big 12 Preseason All Conference team, and that is insane. Not even All World forward Kevin Durant was selected to that team. Yes you can read that again.

Wiggins likely would not have gone to college if he was not required to, but here we are. The NCAA system will make a few million off of Wiggins this coming year,and then the forward will be on his way to the big leagues. He comes from great parents, and so my expectations for his success are quite high. His promise as an athlete makes his game have enormous potential, and watching the development of his game will be a true joy as a writer.

My desire for basketball right now is so great that I have even taken to watching preseason games. That is where the desperation level is.

So for another month we will all try to maintain our poise okay? So just take it down a notch, and then on November 12th: Wiggins-Parker.

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