Analysts Claim Kansas Jayhawks Forward Andrew Wiggins Might Be "Too Nice"

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins sure does have to put up with fair share of barbs does he not? I thought the mean things folks write on twitter to me were bad, but this young man has been hearing crap like this his whole life. My admiration goes out to Wiggins that at such a young age he is able to still block it out and focus on his game. Jeff Goodman of ESPN tweeted recently that he thought Wiggins might be “too nice”, and the analyst in the past has written he would pick Julius Randle ahead of Wiggins in the draft.

I am not quite willing to go there, just because of the game tape of Wiggins beating out Randle’s team. Wiggins did probably coast at times last season, but when you are one of the top two players in the country it probably does get a bit boring at times. Thanks to Holly for tweeting this below, which made me chuckle.

Canadian do have a reputation for being nice, but Wiggins high school head coach Rob Fulford said recently that his former forward had a way of stepping up huge for the big games. Do not expect it to be any different in his college career, and Jayhawk nation should drink it all up. Years like this are rare.

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