Jabari Parker Does Not Think Five-Peat Will Happen For Simeon Academy Wolverines

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker recently concluded what could go down as one of the best high school basketball careers in history for the Simeon Academy Wolverines with four straight state titles. That is what they call in the biz legendary.

Number five is most likely not going to happen, especially with Jahlil Okafor looking skilled, motivated, and hungry and also residing in the state of Illinois.. You cannot count Parker among the believers in a Simeon Five-Peat going down though also, which I noticed recently on twitter.

They certainly have talent on the team, and do not mean to shoot them down or be a hater.

I am just a believer in Okafor, and remember watching that young man in tears at the end of last season after being eliminated by Parker and the Wolverines. Cannot see that happening again, and the Whitney Young team is absolutely loaded with talented big men. They will pound the paint early and often, and in a high school basketball scenario it is hard to see them losing a lot of games.

Sorry Simeon, you had a great run, but it is time for another team to get the spotlight for a bit. If only Parker had been allowed to play in eighth grade the Wolverines would have had a legitimate shot at a five-peat.

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