Kansas Jayhawks' Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden Will Be Fearsome Duo Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Dime Magazine recently compared Kansas Jayhawks guard Wayne Selden to Dwyane Wade and you could see some of that in his performance at “Late Night at the Phog”. Selden even took some headlines from Andrew Wiggins, but that went away right about when the Sports Illustrated Cover dropped.

Dime Magazine has some really nice highlights of the game below, which I highly encourage you to check out.

Selden will have some shots that are open for him as a result of Wiggins getting double teamed, so we will definitely get to see if the guard can live up to the Flash comparisons.

My expectations is that Wiggins will average a double-double, but not sure about Selden yet. Opening day is less than a month away at this point folks and tomorrow will be stopping by the Iowa Energy’s Chicago D-League Open Tryout, so stay tuned for some photos and possibly even video from that. Will get back from that probably around five or six in the afternoon, so the piece should be done by tomorrow night.

For the Jayhawks though, Wiggins will probably never have to endure a D-League tryout, but you can bet that Jayhawk Nation will be stoked to see him on the court this year. Come think of it, I’m freaking stoked too.

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