Mario Chalmers Tells Kansas Jayhawks Forward Andrew Wiggins to "Have Fun, Play Basketball, Enjoy College"

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Point guard Mario Chalmers surely enjoyed his time with the Kansas Jayhawks and so his advice to current Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins should not be understated. Chalmers told Wiggins to “have fun, play basketball, and enjoy college”, which is sage advice on all fronts.

Wiggins seems to be doing just that, and you can check out LeBron James’ advice to the young Canadian as well as Super Mario’s advice below.

Chalmers hit a game tying three pointer that ultimately led to a Jayhawks national title, although those expectations seem a bit high for this year’s quite young Jayhawks. I could see them getting to the Elite Eight or Final Four, but they seem a bit too young to contend for my taste. Maybe they will prove me wrong with a surprising run, but that is my expectation at the moment.

Do not get me wrong though, Wiggins is still my pick for Big 12 Player of the year, and I fully expect him to get there. Just not sure if a national title is in the realm of possibility, but Wiggins has certainly shattered expectations before so I am keeping an open mind. If you are not growing every day, then you are failing folks and that is just the way it goes. Wiggins continues to grow so I will not count him out yet.

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