Andrew Wiggins Rumored to Have $180 Million Offer for Shoe Deal After NBA Draft

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins is about to be swimming in money folks. There is a shoe deal rumored to be on the table for around 180 million dollars, which almost makes me want to maniacally laugh like Dr. E-vil. Only it is not my money unfortunately!

The days when Mike Myers was still funny though are far behind us so let us move on, and we are about to enter the basketball era of the Wiggins. Just a shame that he cannot get at that sneaker money until after he officially leaves college.

Thanks to the tweeter below for the update on Wiggins, and something tells me he will go the Nike route but that is just my gut feeling there. Maybe Adidas will pull off a coup here though, you never know.

It bears noting as well that Ender’s Game the movie comes out on November 1st, which is a movie based on a sci-fi novel featuring a protagonist by the name of Andrew Wiggins. If you can believe all that, then Bob is your uncle.

Well, Wiggins would likely be able to make his own sci-fi movie will all the money he will have next summer. It just remains to be seen whether the aliens would be rocking out the swoosh sneakers.

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