Simeon Academy Will Suffer Initially After Jabari Parker's Departure

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker certainly gave the Simeon Academy Wolverines plenty to be proud of in his high school career to the tune of four state championships. You could even put his high school career in the top ten of all time conversation in my humble opinion, so the school should certainly be proud of their rising star.

Parker does not see next year being quite as bright for the Wolverines though, and even claimed on twitter recently that they would not complete the five-peat. Have to agree there, and recently saw the piece about life after Parker for the Wolverines. It would certainly be shocking if the Wolverines were able to overcome Jahlil Okafor’s loaded Whitney Young team, and just think the star center has too much motivation to get this thing done.

Parker’s debut in college basketball is less than a month away, and the anticipation is starting to get unbearable for me. At least we have some preseason pro games to keep us company right? Parker meets up with Andrew Wiggins on November 12th, in what should be a fantastic matchup that believe is happening in Chicago as well. Tickets are probably insanely pricey, but if I win the lottery between now and then will try to check it out live for y’all. Stay tuned later tonight for a piece about the Chicago Open D-League tryouts and apologies for the delay. @AllDaveAllDayWithoutDelays should become my new twitter handle.

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