Duke Blue Devils Jabari Parker Throws Down Vicious Slam At Midnight Madness

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Well the college basketball watching world is starting to figure out what we’ve known here at Rant Sports Prep for about two years.

Jabari Parker is extremely fucking good.

The clips of him at Midnight Madness below show an astonishing combination of ball handling, post control, athletic ability, and just plain old basketball IQ. If you are a Blue Devil fan and you are not excited about this young man after the dunk below, then you might just not have a basketball pulse. Get with the program folks, you know basketball rocks.

For the rest of the ACC? It is going to be a tough year. We all might as well just enjoy what Parker is going to do, because the Blue Devils will certainly be in the mix next March. This is the most talented player to go to Durham probably since Grant Hill, and the basketball ceiling for Parker might just be higher than that.

It is almost here folks. I can almost hear the squaeking of sneakers on hardwood, and not going to lie, it is giving me a little bit too excited. Worried my head is going to explode, and the hours logged watching MJ on youtube are aplenty.

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