Jeff Goodman Writes Andrew Wiggins "Yet to Be Best Player on Floor" During Kansas Jayhawks Practices

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Goodman of ESPN does not seem to be the biggest Andrew Wiggins fan in the world, which is all fine and good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and lord knows that the best thing about this country is the (somewhat) freedom of speech.

The thing Goodman does not see in Wiggins is probably a consistent jumpshot, but that will come with time. My expectation is that Wiggins will continue to work hard on his craft and that eventually his jumper will catch up to his elite athleticism. If this was a kid who struck me as lazy or unintelligent, then I would say that there is a chance it might not work out, but cannot say that about the talented young Canadian. If I could buy stock in him like Arian Foster you can bet I would do it, and here is hoping that becomes a possbility in the next year. Sorry just watching a bit too much of PTI today, but they touched on Wiggins quite a bit.

I also trust Wiggins’ genetics, which admittedly have helped his career in many respects. Had the good fortune to speak with Wiggins’ father Mitchell briefly this summer, and the former pro forward heaped all the praise on Andrew’s mother. That is a sign of a strong family unit, which is another reason I am expecting supreme success from Wiggins next year. To the tune of probably first team all Big 12 and definitely freshman of the year in the conference to be sure.

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