Jabari Parker's Midnight Madness Performance Dropped Some Jaws

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

If you have not seen small forward Jabari Parker’s dunk at midnight madness, yet then do yourself a big old favor, and youtube that shite right now. Andrew Wiggins impressed at his as well, but Parker is a more polished product at this point. Scouts love Wiggins because his athleticism projects him to be able to be able to add so much more to his game.

The two young talents will meet on November 12th, which is a game you can bet I will tune in for. Was thinking about attending, but recently stubhubbed it and the crappiest tickets are going for two hundred and seventy-five big bones. Bit out of my leagued folks by around two hundred and fifty or so.

Will maybe see if I can get a media credential so now that I am thinking of it will look that up right now.

College basketball is almost here folks. My excitement level could not be any freaking higher, and if i can finagle my way into the building for that game, then I promise to cover it for y’all. Just completed that application and just waiting for the go ahead from the superiors to submit it.

Thanks for reading folks, and until that matchup we will all just have to settle for watching the youtube clips again.

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