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Two Time MVP Steve Nash Writes “Canada Basketball Has Arrived”

Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games

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Steve Nash recently shared some thoughts about Canadian basketball, and agree with all of it. You can check it out below, and love especially the credit he gives to Vince Carter for capturing the basketball imagination of Canada long ago.

Here is an excerpt where he mentions Andrew Wiggins, who could be on the Olympic team if Canada is able to qualify.

“Canadian basketball has arrived” writes Nash. “But where is all of this talent coming from? I’d contend a lot of talent has always been there, but a number of things have allowed the talent to emerge and be recognized in the United States and beyond. Although we’ve had a sprinkling of Canadian NBA players, we’re now in a golden era where it seems we boast multiple McDonald’s All Americans because American fans and evaluators recognize the talent. And those guys can turn into Wiggins (with an NBA future) and Bennett, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2013 NBA draft. It seems there are even more Canadian first-round draft picks every year, with more sure to follow.”

I agree with Nash, and Canada could not have a better man to represent their program than Nash. Seeing Wiggins play internationall will be a great joy, and one of the main reasons I am excited to follow basketball in the next few years. It is always a joy, and Canadian basketball may bring some joy in the future too.

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