Miles Reynolds Commits To Saint Louis University Due to Connection with Coaching Staff

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Miles Reynolds recently committed to Saint Louis University and it appears the main reason was their coaching staff.

“I felt an immediate connection with the coaching staff.  They will be losing two senior guards this year so I will be logging heavy minutes as a freshman potentially.  Also a great academic institution,” Reynolds said to High School Cube. “ They love to get up and down the court and I love to push the fast break.  I’ll be setting others up and getting easy looks myself.”

We will see if he can make some noise in the conference next season, and it appears the coaching staff are doing quite a good job recruiting.

DePaul University needs to step up and show some pride in their recruiting, but once that new arena gets built it will certainly helps matters. Their old stadium just is not fun to watch a game at, and cannot wait until the new one opens. As an alum, cannot say I am unbiased about this. It just kills me how much Chicago area talent seeks their education else where, and having a stadium that is in the city will make all the difference in the world.

Congratulations to Reynolds though and his career in college basketball should be quite fun to follow.

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