Forward Cliff Alexander's Visit This Weekend Is Crucial for Illinois Illini

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

The same weekend Jahlil Okafor is heading to Durham, Cliff Alexander will be joining the Illinois Illini for a visit. That would be a huge get for the program and head coach John Groce is certainly making some nice moves on the recruiting front.

Okafor and Alexander will both dominate the Chicago basketball scene next season, and one of them will likely be holding a state championship when the year ends. That is my humble opinion, but I am just a humble scribe. Side note: someone asked me on twitter recently what a scribe was, which made me crack up. It is called a dictionary folks.

You can bet I will follow what happens this year, and these two young players will most likely battle it out for player of the year in Illinois. Their numbers may end up being similar, but my money is on Okafor if they meet up in the state playoffs.

Just cannot get the look on Okafor’s face last year out of my head, so cannot imagine he would want to endure that shame again.

Shame has a way of making us work harder folks, and as Halloween approaches I encourage you to have fun but also stay safe out there. That is all for today from Ra

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