Jabari Parker's Midnight Madness Dunk Making Duke Blue Devil Fans Crazy

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks, it is getting dull today so quick writing exercise.

Could Jabari Parker’s preseason dunk end up being the best dunk of the year? Probably not, because we are in for a season full of Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Gordon, Julius Randle, and many others. It is going to be a not stop highlight reel this season, and the top dunk will likely be decided by coming in a critical situation rather than just being the most physically stunning. Sometimes fundamentals do beat flash folks, actually more often than not.

The dunk is certainly driving Blue Devil fans wild with anticipation though and you can bet that many are thinking nations championship at this point.

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Was lucky enough to interview Parker two summers ago, and believe it or not I recorded that interview on an old fashioned handheld mini-tape recorder. To get them onlineI had to press play on the thing while holding it up to the microphone on my computer while recording on garageband. I would then upload the audio from garageband to soundcloud and post them.

It is definitely a new world we live in folks, and have to say I am not complaining in the slightest bit.

Parker’s basketball play will be featured largely in the future folks, and I will be at the United Center when Parker makes his glorious return. So be sure to check back in with Rant Sports where we will bring you exclusive content, photos, and video. ‘Cuz that is just how we roll folks.

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