Kansas Jayhawks Forward Andrew Wiggins Not In LeBron James' Orbit Yet

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Analyst Paul Biancardi recently called comparing forward Andrew Wiggins to players like LeBron James is absurd, which is right on the freakin’ money

Here is a brief excerpt which sums up his point.

“As far as Kevin Durant goes” Biancardi writes. “He was very good out of high school, but he was not even close to the player he is today as one of the NBA’s best. Unfortunately, some are comparing Wiggins to James and Durant as NBA players which is absurd.”

You can read Biancardi’s full piece below and if you are a college basketball fan I highly recommend it. He is a must follow especially for folks interested in recruiting and it is my hope he is chosen to call the NHSI tournament in April again, because he did a fantastic job at it.

Listening to some Jay-Z right now, and wondering if we might see Wiggins sign with HOV one day. It certainly seems to be working out well for Durant, although his exit from OKC a couple years from now seems inevitable if they cannot get over the championship hump.

Wiggins though does not have to worry about free agency yet, although if he one day plays at Durant’s level then the pay day will definitely be immense. Wiggins has to worry about college first though, and I hope he enjoys the last year of “amateurism” while also continuing to improve at his craft. I will see one of his first college games at the Champion’s Classic in Chicago so be sure to check in both before and after that game, because it should be a show stopper.

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