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Paul Biancardi Writes Arizona Wildcats Aaron Gordon Has “High Enerrgy”

Aaron Gordon

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Gordon is a young player with special athleticism, but the thing that pleases me the most about him is how often I hear about his quote, unquote “motor. Motor is a nice aggressive word used by a lot of probably car-loving sports writers that essential means the player plays hard on every position without ever giving up on the play. Gordon will benefit greatly next season from playing with a higher talent level than he was used to in high school, and his high flying dunks will soon become a fan favorite on the Sports Center top ten.

Paul Biancardi commented on Gordon on twitter lately, which you can check out below. He is a must follow on twitter if you love staying in tune with the latest college basketball recruiting news.

Gordon should be in the running for the conference’s player of the year, although I’d keep an eye on Nigel Williams-Goss as well. It is definitely going to be a fantastic season in the Pac, and with so many young players contributing it would not surprise me if a few players get drafted in the first round of next summer’s draft. That is a long time away however, and you know what is not far away?

College basketball!

November 12th is the date I’ve circled because it is the Champion’s Classic, and you can bet your booty that I will be there covering it for all you trolls out there.

(Apologies geeing out to LOTR:Fellowship right now.)

Keep any eye out later today for a piece on Goss, and thanks for reading.

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