Duke Blue Devils Forward Jabari Parker's Ballhandling is Underrated Part of Game

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker’s skill level at the forward position is without compare at his age. Andrew Wiggins certainly seems to have a higher ceiling due to elite athleticism, but Parker is no slouch athletically either. We will all get a chance to compare Wiggins and Parker in a couple weeks, which will be a marquee matchup and possibly the best regular season college basketball game this season.

His dunk at Midnight Madness is testament to that and Blue Devil nation is still reeling after that one. Parker will even play stretches at center next season, because he is going to be looked at to produce rebounds and blocks. His shooting is coming along quite nicely and in a couple years his shot will be dropping with a high degree of regularity.

Parker’s ball handling is impressive as well and is on display below.

Parker was the Gatorade high school player of the year in just his junior year of high school, and his high school career was absolutely resplendent. Four seasons of play, and four state titles to show for it. Something tells me he has something special for us this year, so strap on your basketball goggles, because it is going to be freaking amazing theatre.

Will be lucky enough to watch Parker’s matchup against Wiggins on November 12th so be sure to stay tuned in for coverage of that game, and possibly even some video and interviews. Stay safe out there on All Hallows Eve folks, and keep an eye out for a piece on Tyus Jones later today.

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