Andrew Wiggins' Development Will Make Him "Complete As He Can Be" In Next Year Says Bill Self

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins High School Basketball: McDonald's All American Games
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins declared recently that he will be one and done, which does not come as a surprise to his head coach.

“It’s our job,” says Bill Self.”To do everything we can from a maturity standpoint, from a strength-training standpoint, from a skill development, from a competitive standpoint, to put him in a position so that he can be as complete as he can be within the next year. We think we can put him in that position.”

The strength program in Lawrence in particular should transform Wiggins so expect him to look quite different by the time next summer’s draft rolls around.

Thanks to the tweet below for the alert to this, and for the picture of Wiggins on the cover of ESPN.

Will be lucky enough to watch Wiggins go toe-to-toe with Jabari Parker on November 12th so be sure to keep an eye out for coverage of that game which will be in Chicago for any of you out there trying to go.

It is going to be true thrill and the first ACC college basketball game the I have ever attended, which will be like a dream to be totally honest. My money will be on Parker in the first game, but Wiggins could be scary good at the end of the year so watch out for him in March. In this first matchup though, I’m expecting Parker to come out on top but that is jut my opinion folks so if you don’t like it. Well. Okay. One day I might get over it.

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