Kansas Jayhawks Coach Bill Self Says Forward Andrew Wiggins "Can't Live Up to the Hype"

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Well, it appears that the Andrew Wiggins’ has reached a level, where it would now be shocking if he meets up to it. Bill Self for instance does not think Wiggins can live up to it, because it has grown so huge.

“They’re comparing him to Wilt Chamberlain,” Self said to ESPN, “and Chamberlain is the most dominant player that’s ever played the game. The kid is 18 years old and he’s never made a college basket, but we’re going to compare him to Chamberlain? That’s impossible. I feel for him, and I’ve never felt for players in regards to things like that. He can’t live up to the hype.”

Self makes a great point here. Wilt Chamberlain was a dominant force of nature, and Wiggins is a really, really good basketball player. We do not know his ceiling yet though and that is what causes people to project who he could be one day, but just not this year quite yet.

Thanks to the tweet below for the update on this, and you can bet that I will be watching Wiggins carefully in the coming year.

Stay tuned in to my twitter feed for coverage of Wiggins matchup against Jabari Parker on November 12th, and if Wiggins meets up to the Wilt “the Stilt” comparison then I’ll be sure to let you folks know about it.

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