Cliff Alexander's Coach Says "Weren't Any Certain Reasons Why He Eliminated Arizona"

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Well it appears Cliff Alexander’s list is down to five, so we could be nearing a decision. Thanks to the tweet below form the ever excellent Paul Biancardi.

The five left on the list are ones he really likes and his coach believes he has positive feelings about all the schools left in the running.

“There weren’t any certain reasons why he eliminated Arizona,” said Curie coach Mike Oliver to ESPN. “I think he likes the five schools he’s got. He knows more about them and is more comfortable with those five. He’s gone to DePaul and Kansas, and he liked both of them guys. He’s got two left with Illinois and Memphis coming up. He’s liked Michigan State from day one.”

Will definitely keep you all posted on Alexander’s recruiting and it is possible that might even catch him at a game this year, because he goes to school in Chicago. He would be an impressive get for any of the suitors left, but I cannot help but hope that my alma mater can pull this one through. I’ve been around long enough now though, to know that they will most likely choke at the last moment per the usual routine.

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