Undecided Top Ranked Center Jahlil Okafor Will Attend Kansas Jayhawks and Duke Blue Devils Game

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well. It appears I will be in the same building as Jahlil Okafor on Tuesday, and this game could end up affecting the futures of both teams in a quite largely profound way. This news definitely ups the stakes in that battle and you can bet that Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins will both be in top form. My money is on Parker in this one by a hair, but believe the game will come down to the final play and it will involve one of those two making a play or mistake. Most likely a play, because that is how stars do it.

Bill Self has been on a roll with recruiting as of late with his Spring commitment of Wiggins, which came as a surprise to virtually every media outlet.

Thanks to Jahlil for tweeting this, and you have to wonder if the winner of the game will hold the recruiting edge after the game. Sometimes the lines are not that hard to read between folks.

In any case the Champion’s Classic is going to be one for the ages and be sure to stay locked in to my twitter feed for coverage of the game as well as some videos, photos, and if luck serves well then maybe even an interview. Thanks for reading folks.

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