Jahlil Okafor Attending Jayhawks and Blue Devils Game the Day Before Early Period Signing Day

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

So the timing here worked out quite bizarrely, but Jahlil Okafor will be attending the Duke Blue Devils and Kansas Jayhawks game the day before the initial signing day of the early period. Early signing day is November 13th, and then that period ends on November 20th. Okafor has said before he wanted to make a decision before his senior season started so it would be surprising if the indecision went past the 20th. Thanks to the tweet below for the update on Okafor.

Will be lucky enough to be at the game, and was even bold enough to suggest that the game could be the tipping point of the decision much to the ever brilliant Adam Zagoria’s dismay.

Here is my defenese for that position to Adam. Believe that Okafor is leaning Jayhawks and Tyus Jones is leaning Blue Devils. They probably saw that this game was on the schedule when they were talking about the decision and figured…. okay. We do not agree right now, but we still want to play together. So….

We will sit on the decision for a bit more, watch the game and get a little bit more information and then go from there. Sound about right?

The reason I believe the game will swing the decision will be because of leverage. If the Jayhawks win then Okafor has the leverage on Jones to say “look we could win a whole lot of games playing Bill Self’s system and being the featured part of the offense.”

If the Blue Devils win? Then Jones has the leverage on Okafor to say “do you see how scary talented we would be playing with Coach K AND most likely Jabari Parker.”

So that is my spiel on that and much thanks to Adam for forcing me to solidify why that was my opinion and always being a true pro. Thanks for reading you all, just trying to get better every day and let me know how I can serve better.

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