Emmanuel Mudiay Dunking Over Allen Iverson Felt Like Passing Of Torch

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

If you missed when Emmanuel Mudiay throw down an alley-oop dunk over Allen Iverson, then feel free to check it out below. The dunk was bitter sweet for me. The young version of myself would marvel at Iverson’s dribble moves, speed, and agility with awe. It has been frankly sad to watch his decline, and the older version of myself wishes Iverson would get his life a bit more together at this point. He appeared unable to adapt to a bench role in his later career, but we will all one day welcome him into the Hall of Fame. The dunk is here.

On a lighter note, Mudiay is going to be a star in college and some even believe he will an even better pro than anyone else in his class. I am not quite in that boat, but believe that Mudiay is still going to be a productive pro for years. The other similarity between Mudiay and Iverson is that they will share the same coach Larry Brown, and you can bet that it will be a relationship that will watched closely over the next year.

Iverson is a Virginian and so his story strikes true to my heart. Have heard that though he has financial trouble right now, that he has a Rebook trust that kicks in later in the former point guard’s life. Here is hoping that Iverson finds a way to remain productive until that kicks in, and it would be interesting if he got into coaching or mentoring down the line.

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