Fran Fraschilla Not a Fan of Cliff Alexander Fake Reaching for the Illinois Illini Hat

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

So was watching the ESPNU telecast of the North Carolina game last night, and good Lord they look awful especially without P.J. Hairtson not playing. There are rumors floating around that he may not be deemed eligible to play by the NCAA, and have to say I am totally okay with that. We have to set limits for our student athletes so that they know if they do not behave off the court, then they do not get to perform on the court. Let’s get it back to the Carolina way.

Anyways, Fraschilla mentioned that he was not impressed with the way that Cliff Alexander made a fake reach at an Illinois Illini hat before ultimately picking up a Kansas Jayhawks hat.

For all the Illini fans out there who watched that happen live, my apologies go out to you on behalf of Alexander. He is still just a boy, and so mistakes will happen but it is not fun having your heartstrings played with in that way.

It is also Alexander’s birthday today, so shoutout to the young man for that. Let us hope that his decision making improves in the next year, because really want to watch him play basketball for a long time to come.

Fraschilla’s feelings on this I agree with completely. Believe he called the action by Alexander “disrespectful” of all the time and energy put into recruting him by Illini fans, coaches, and assistants.

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