Andy Katz Writes that Stanley Johnson Looked Comfortable and Relaxed During His Recruiting Decision

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Stanley Johnson recently committed to the Arizona Wildcats by holding up a pair of custom made Jordan shoes, be sure to check those out on twitter if you are a Wildcats fan.

Also recently saw the tweet below from ESPN’s Andy Katz who wrote that Johnson was “comfortable” and “relaxed” during his announcement

This information comes at a moment when Cliff Alexander did not exactly handle his announcement in a fully professional way, and that is okay. He is a young player still, and obviously we all make mistakes. It is how we learn and grow from them that is truly important.

Will look forward to watching both Johnson and Alexander in college though, and the talent coming into college basketball has not been this high in quite some time.

Quick sidenote: currently watching Red Planet as I write this and it is a truly awful movie. Val Kilmer has had a truly bizarre career.

In any case, Katz’s comments highlight how we can all handle our business in a controlled manner, and it will usually end in a better result for us. These are wise thoughts and some young players out there would do well to heed Katz’s advice on this matter.

Saw Katz briefly at the Champions Classic last Tuesday and told him he was doing a good job. He gave a whimsical look at my mustache (to be fair it is starting to look a bit dubious) and said thank you. If you missed my coverage of that be sure to check out my twitter feed, thanks for reading folks.

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