LeBron James' Decision Has Affected the Way Basketball Recruiting is Approached By Young Elite Players

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Recently read the excellent piece by Gary Parrish, where he dissects how LeBron James infamous “Decision” has caused younger players to start thinking in those terms. This coming in the wake of top ranked point guard Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor’s joint recruiting decision. Friday was actually a really big recruiting day with decisions coming from Stanley Johnson as well as Cliff Alexander.

Think it is an excellent point made below by Parrish and believe he is right on the money with the cause and effect relationship.

Still remember James’ decision like it was yesterday. Could not believe that he would spurn his hometown team on national television, and it did make him look like a jerk at the time. Two titles later though? Folks tend to start thinking differently about you and that cannot have gone unnoticed by the package recruiting duo. They made their unsurprising on Friday from their respective schools, and twitter immediately was set ablaze with cheers and jeers; it is really amazing to me what kind of hate people are capable of at times. It can be scary, so just be careful what you put out into the world folks.

Jones and Okafor will make the Blue Devils the 2014 season’s preseason number one, and of that I have no doubt. It will not even matter whether Jabari Parker stays in school or not, they will be the number one regardless. Whether their season ends in a national title? That will be both up to health and possibly even a little help from the basketball gods.

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