Chicago Tribune Writes "Sealed with a Dis" Headline About Cliff Alexander's Illinois Illini Snub

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Cliff Alexander made a curious decision last Friday when he faked out the Illinois Illini fans with his hat reach. He ended up going with the Kansa Jayhawks, but the backlash has been pretty rough. Saw some of the twitter insults directed towards Alexander, and the Chicago Tribune did not hold back recently either. Check out the headline below if you don’t believe me.

Alexander could come into college basketball with a chip on his shoulder because of all this hate, but it will be interesting to see how he is received in mostly Illinois gyms over the next season fof high school basketball. He is a tremendous talent though and John Groce’s loss is Bill Self’s gain. Alexander will not get the chance to play with Andrew Wiggins obviously, but he could end up replaicing quite a bit of the Canadian forward’s production if all goes to plan. Self has gotten better and better at recruiting these one and done type players and it will definitely start paying off for the ball coach in wins down the line. Could definitely see Self winning a second national title and then possibly consider making a change to pro coaching. That is just my opinion, but some comments he has made lately lead me to that conclusion. Could be wrong obviosuly, but Self’s recruiting has impressed me quite a bit and that could end up being the by-product of his success down the line. Thanks for reading folks and stay tuned for a piece on Jahlil Okafor later tonight

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