Arizona Wildcats Commit Stanley Johnson Will Not Get Chance to Play with Aaron Gordon

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson recently committed to the Arizona Wildcats, and he acknowledged in that press conference that he will not get to play with former high school teammate Aaron Gordon. Head coach Sean Miller knows what he has in Gordon, and that he will likely only coach him for one season.

“The first thing to understand about Aaron is he may be the hardest worker in our conference,” Miller said on the Pac-12 Networks. “He’s the hardest worker on our team. He is the earliest to practice every day and the last to leave. And he’s a great teammate.He’s earned the right to have high expectations and the praise, but how he’s handled it, to me, is the greatest gift he’s given to our team.”

That sounds like a young man who has his basketball work ethic figured out.

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Gordon and Johnson might play together in the pros one day, but do not put money on them playing together in college folks. That type of work ethic Miller is talking about is what will land Gordon in the lottery of next summer’s draft, and the young man will most likely not pass up that opportunity. At least that is my opinion from everything I have heard from Gordon; just think he will jump at the first chance of playing basketball for money.

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