DePaul Blue Demons Miss Out on Forward Cliff Alexander Which Is No Surprise

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Here is how worthless the DePaul Blue Demons basketball program is. There were two hats touched by Cliff Alexander on Friday. There was the fake pick up of the Illini hat, and then the real pickup of the Jayhawks hat. The DePaul hat?

Alexander did not even acknowledge it. Ouch.

Thanks for the tweet below for what has been the general feeling for the Blue Demons basketball program in the last five years. Searching for answers.

Would love to see my alma mater get good at basketball again, and with the new arena being built in the next couple years you can bet that will help them with recruiting. Until the arena is actually built though it will be tough for them to land an elite level recruit by Alexander. It would be a beautiful thing, but something tells me we are still three to four years away from something like that going down at DePaul.

This is a young man with a lot of talent who is in for a rough year when it comes to press clippings. The hat move did not endear him to many Illini fans and the Chicago Tribune’s “Sealed with a Dis” headline might have gone a bit too far, but in all fairness it was not a great PR move by Alexander who was in a national spotlight. Thanks for reading y’all, and be sure to check in later for a piece on Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor.

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