Tyus Jones Wants Himself and Jahlil Okafor To "Make an Impact our Freshman Year"

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor last Friday announced their intention to play for the Duke Blue Devils, and Blue Devil nation announced their pleasure on twitter. It was a decision that was based somewhat on academics, but Jones knows that they can do special things on the court together even if they only stay for one year.

“We sold each other (on attending Duke),” Jones said to Sporting News. “We just sat down and figured what would be the best fit for the both of us to go and make an impact our freshman year and really learn and better ourselves as players and people.”

It is so good that they considered their development not only as players, but as people and encourage any young ballers out there to take that approach to life. Just try to become better at whatever it is that you do every single day; that is what true professionalism is. Doing your job even on the days that you do not want to do it, and doing it well.

It will be truly exciting to see what they accomplish and you can bet I will watch every game with great interest. Next on the radar for these two will be their December matchup which will be aired on ESPN or ESPNU, and believe that game is in Minnesota. The home court advantage may give Jones an edge, but the big men on Whitney Young are no joke at all, so you can bet that it will be a close game. If only the high school game would grow up and get a shot clock, then we would be in serious business. That would be the day.

Thanks for reading folks and stay tuned for a piece on Stanley Johnson later tonight and why he will never play with Aaron Gordon

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