Cliff Alexander's Illinois Illini Haters Must Remember He Is Still a Kid

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Small forward Cliff Alexander apparently was told by his high school teammates to pull the hat trick, and that explains quite a bit in my opinion. It is good to know he did not do it from a malicious place; he decided to roll with the Lawrence crew though because of their head coach.

“I like Bill Self,” he said to ESPN. “He’s a great guy. I like how he coaches. I like how he gets the ball to his bigs.”

Self has done an incredible job recruiting lately and was lucky enough to sit in on his press conference at the Champions Classic last Tuesday. Ran out of memory on the phone so could not get video of it, but he liked his team’s effort and especially the play of Andrew Wiggins in the second half. If you missed out on that coverage you can still check it out on twitter.

Thanks to the tweet below for an excellent read on Alexander.

Seen a lot of the twitter hate directed towards Alexander and some of y’all out there are just taking it a bit too far folks. Wishing personal injury to a minor in the form of an ACL tear is not a pleasant thing to wish, and in my opinion bad karma breeds bad karma.

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