Duke Blue Devils Commit Tyus Jones Is Highest Ranked Point Guard Since Kyrie Irving

By Dave Daniels
Tyus Jones High School Basketball: Nike Global Challenge
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Duke Blue Devils recently secured the commitment of Apple Valley point guard Tyus Jones, who is the fourth ranked player in ESPN’s 2014 college basketball recruiting rankings. Jones will be the best point guard to go to Durham since Kyrie Irving who barely played because of an injury. Hopefully Jones plays more than the eight or so games Irving was able to play just for the sanity of Blue Devil Nation on twitter.

Jones has not had any real injury trouble in his basketball career thus far and let us hope that it continues that way. Thanks to the tweet below for the update on this, and it is an interesting comparison to be sure.

Irving and Jones are both excellent ball handlers and shooters who excel passing the ball as well. Also believe they are similar heights, but Irving is a little bit more in love with his own dribble moves while Jones is more of a classic floor general. John Stockton and Chris Paul come to mind when I think of Jones, whereas for Irving almost think of A.I. but with a better outside shot. Comparisons are as always impossible between eras, but it is still fun to think about is it not? It is always interesting to think about these things because you know that these players have all watched each other over the years and stolen little things from each other’s games.

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