Kansas Jayhawks Cliff Alexander Was Confused For Whole Week Before Recruiting Decision

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Small forward Cliff Alexander made kind of a bad decision lately, but let us hope that the fans in Chicago take it a bit easy on him. He is only still a high schooler, albeit one who is stepping into a larger and larger spotlight. Alexander was confuse about his recruiting decision for some time but his relationship with head coach Bill Self is what tipped it over the top.

“He played a big role,” Alexander said. “As soon as he stepped foot on campus at Kansas, we were talking. We have a great relationship. I’ve been confused for the last week. One minute I want to go here, one minute I want to go there. I came to the conclusion last night I wanted to go to the University of Kansas.”

Self has some experience in landing top recruits as Andrew Wiggins is currently playing his freshman year in Lawrence. Was lucky enough to get to see Wiggins play brilliantly in the second half of the Champions Classic, which is not a night of basketball that I will forget any day soon. Yep, Alexander will be stepping into quite a large spotlight next season, so let us hope that he matures a bit more between now and then.

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