Arizona Wildcats Head Coach Sean Miller Dominating West Coast Recruiting In Last Two Years

By Dave Daniels
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Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats won on a big stage last week, and it was largely because of their head coach Sean Miller’s recruiting in the last few years.

Aaron Gordon’s game in particular has impressed with his versatility being what the team is built around.

Miller was quite proud of Gordon’s effort and especially what the forward brought to the table in the second half.

“He stayed patient, which is one of the qualities that he has as a player,” Miller said of Gordon. “I chose not to play him a lot in the first half, because he was in foul trouble. … He played 20 minutes in the second half so he was out there more. But we as a group have to find ways to use his offensive talent even more, and he’s such a unique player.”

The uniqueness of his talent is what will result in the Wildcats winning a lot more games this season.

Gordon will most likely only be in college for one season, so Wildcat fans better enjoy the forward’s talent while he is still around. Here is hoping he gets drafted by the Suns, which would be quite fitting.

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