Cliff Alexander Picks Up Two Technical Fouls and Likely Suspended for Next Game

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Cliff Alexander is not making great decisions so far this fall, and have to say am losing a little bit of faith in his maturity level. He will need to do some growing in college if he is going to be ready for pro basketball one day.

Thanks to the tweet below for the update on this and it seems that after two technical fouls committed tonight he will be suspended for the next game; he really needs to show better judgement if he wants to play for state at the end of the year.

Alexander also had the recruiting gaffe earlier this year when he reached for an Illinois Illinihat before actually picking up a hat that made Bill Self a happy man. He has done some excellent recruiting lately and it will likely produce results come March basketball.

Will definitely be watching a lot of Kansas Jayhawks basketball this season with small forward Andrew Wiggins producing highlights on a nightly basis that seem to be catching more and more of on SportsCenter. Get used to that folks, because he is going to be a pro ball for a long time to come.

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