Jahlil Okafor Wants Tyus Jones to Win State Championship Before "Next Mission"

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones recently committed to the Duke Blue Devils utterly guaranteeing they will be the preseason number one in 2014. First though? They still have one more season of high school basketball left to complete, and both will be shooting for a state title in their respective locations.

Recently saw the twitter exchange between Jones and Okafor below, which was quite cool to see, and their bro-mance throughout college will be fascinating to watch.

Okafor apparently wants Jones to focus on that state championship before they give to much though to what they can do for the Blue Devils.

You have to wonder if Jabari Parker will consider staying for a second year of school, and if the Blue Devils do not win it this year then my money is on the former Simeon Academy forward staying.

Put yourself in his shoes. You have won four state championships in the last four seasons, and if the Blue Devils do not go all the way this season then you can bet he will view the season as a disappointment. That will likely result in the forward wanting to make things right in his second year. Could be wrong about this and he could jump at the money, but my couple of interactions with the young man make me think he is cut from a different mold.

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