Cliff Alexander's Suspension Was Well Deserved Despite Curie Head Coach Not Liking It

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Forward Cliff Alexander has been rightfully suspended for a game and though Curie head coach Mike Oliver is not happy about it, it just does not really matter. The reality is that it is a high school game in the regular season, and this will have no impact whatsoever on if Alexander can get his act together. The latest ejection comes shortly after Alexander maddened many local fans for his fake hat-reach recruiting gaffer. This tweet about sums up my sentiment about the whole situation.

It was apparently his teammates who told him to do that, so looking forward to the day Alexander is no longer around his high school buddies.

“What I saw was him trailing a play and caught off guard but went up and got it.” said Oliver to High School Cube. “He grabbed the rim so he wouldn’t hurt himself which is legal. They can do whatever they want all I know is he was their big draw and he was allowed to play.”

One thing is for sure, even if Alexander did not mean to grab the rim he should be suspended anyway for his foolishness last month. That just was not appropriate and here is hoping that he listens to his teammates a little less as the year goes on and listens to his elders a bit more.

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