Paul Biancardi Doubts Jabari Parker Will Return for Sophomore Year to Play with Jahlil Okafor

By Dave Daniels
Jabari Parker
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Have written a lot here lately about the possibility that Jabari Parker might stay in school. Have cautioned by readers in the past because it is not likely to happen, and after reading the tweet below am even more convinced. The greatly respected Paul Biancardi doubts Parker will stay in school, which definitely makes me think that is the way things will swing.

Parker might be tempted to stay because there is a lot of help coming to Durham in point guard Tyus Jones, center Jahlil Okafor, and small forward Justise Winslow. They will be the preseason number one whether Parker stays or not, so it will likely be determined by how much Parker is liking school. He comes from a well-off family so money is not an overly pressing concern in his life. Will definitely keep an eye on that situation if there are any updates, and especially if Parker blows the internet up by declaring for a Ladder Day Saint mission.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for a piece on Cliff Alexander and why his suspension was the right move by high school athletics. Alexander has some growing up to do before he is ready for college basketball in my opinion.

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