Illinois Illini Head Coach John Groce Did Not Watch Cliff Alexander Decision

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Illinois Illini head coach John Groce has been doing a fantastic job lately, and so was pleased to hear that he did not watch Cliff Alexander’s decision.

“I haven’t even watched it, still to this day,” Groce said to the Chicago Sun Times. “People have obviously talked about it, but that stuff is in the past. You can’t control that, can’t change it. It’s like a call in a game. I try not to do anything in my life without doing it with passion, whether it’s coach, recruit, care for our players. You invest your heart, soul and mind in something — to the full extent, without being lukewarm — then obviously it’s going to be disappointing when you have a setback.”

Alexander’s hat reach was a setback, but not to Groce. The ball coach will remain focused and do not be surprised when he lands an elite recruit a year or two from now. He has been knocking on the door for a while so the shoe will have to drop soon.

Alexander was pretty immature there, and it was apparently something his teammates told him to do. Stupid high schoolers. Here is hoping Alexander improves his decision making in the next year so that he can have a more dramatic impact on college basketball.

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