Kansas Jayhawks' Commit Cliff Alexander Cleared to Play in Elite Classic

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Kansas Jayhawks commit Cliff Alexander has made some questionably decision of late, and know Jayhawk nation is excited to see him play but cannot get totally behind him until see the signs of a maturation process.

He was recently cleared to play on Saturday, which noticed thanks to the Chicago Tribune.

For anyone attending the game, feel free to tweet pictures or videos at me and they might make one of my articles the next day. Alexander should play quite well considering he almost was not able to play at all.

“We have a good relationship with the Sports Administration at Chicago Public Schools” Marty Hickman, the IHSA executive director said in a statement. “And have been having with discussions with (Director of CPS Sports Administration) Thomas Trotter since the cancellation occurred. I acknowledge that the student-athlete would have fulfilled the by-law requirement on Friday and been eligible to play Saturday if not for these unique circumstances with the weather. Clearly, the school and the student have no control over the weather. After reaching a decision regarding Saturday’s game, the next step was determining when the suspension would be served. Thomas (Trotter) and I concurred that the suspension needed to occur during a contest that was comparable with Friday’s game, which is how we settled on the Jan. 4 game.”

Well glad they got that sorted out and here is hoping Alexander does not draw any more negative headlines in the coming year.

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