Duke Blue Devils Commit Jahlil Okafor Tells His Tragic Story in Moving Chicago Magazine Piece

By Dave Daniels
Jahlil Okafor
Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks, you might need a box of tissues before you read the Chicago Magazine piece that just read tonight about Whitney Young (IL) center Jahlil Okafor, who also is the top ranked player in the 2014 college basketball recruiting class. For you manly men out there who think you can make it do not say did not warn, because it is sections like this by Terrance Noland about Okafor’s motivation that certainly made me at least well up a bit.

“If you watch Jahlil right before a game, you will see his mouth moving. He’s not singing the words to the national anthem. He’s not talking to himself. He’s whispering to his mother. ‘I’ll just tell her, Let’s go, Mom. I’m ready. I think of her as my wings on the court, my extra step.’ ”

Just a fantastic piece, and once you are done with your work pour a glass of coke and then enjoy the piece below while listening to something uplifting like Mozart.

If you did not get a chance to read it Okafor lost his mother tragically at a young (but aware) age, and it in some ways will always haunt him. Basketball is an escape for him though, something he used to watch his mom do, and here at Rant Sports Prep will be watching Okafor’s ascension into the basketball stratosphere with great pride in what he has accomplished despite life’s hard circumstances.

Hard for me to really contribute anything much better than what the writer has done above, but will just take this moment to appreciate a writer in this field doing work of a high quality and it is something we all (and me especially) can aspire to. Thanks for reading folks and keep an eye out for a piece on Theo Pinson attending a Heels game.

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