Arizona Wildcats Commit Stanley Johnson Advances to Second Round of Tarkanian Classic

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson looks like he is on a mission this season, and so when he wins his fourth state title this spring do not come to Rant Sports Prep all surprised because we warned y’all here first. Johnson has been balling in the early season, and he recently scored a ton at the Tarkanian Classic helping Mater Dei (CA) advance to the second round. Johnson committed to the Arizona Wildcats this fall by holding up a pair of custom sneakers as well as a truly winning smile. One of the coolest commitments have seen in some time, and think he might even own the crown seat at this point.

Much thanks to Stan Man for the alert on twitter and if you have not seen any highlights of Johnson dunking the ball then you’ve been missing out.

His quotes after games are all about winning as well and not about numbers which is so great to see from a young player. It is definitely more about the team, and it turns out that when you are winning games and behaving unselfishly that everyone is happier in the end.

Johnson has been doing whatever it takes for his team to win even playing point guard for stretches; he has also been putting up such huge numbers in victory that he could even get some serious consideration for some of the national player of the year awards. That will be something interesting to keep an eye on as the season goes on, and will eventually give a prediction here at Rant Sports Prep. That is all for today, but will leave you as always with a little fortune cookie wisdom.

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get”-
Michael Phelps

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