Arizona Wildcats Commits Stanley Johnson and Tyler Dorsey Faced Off This Week

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson and Tyler Dorsey faced off this last week, which was odd because they will one day be teammates on the Arizona Wildcats. Noticed this thanks to the tweet below, so holler back at Matt.

Johnson is certainly the more high profile commit, but they will both make head coach Sean Miller’s job quite a bit easier when next season arrives. Truth be told, the coach is doing pretty well as it is but having talent down the pipeline is always nice. Having some extra talent around certainly could not hurt right?

USA TODAY Sports recently ran a piece about how Johnson is a frontrunner for one of the major national player of the year awards, and if the forward can collect a fourth state tile then it would be hard to argue with that resume. We will keep a close eye on that for you here at Rant Sports Prep though, and every time Johnson has a monster stat line out in Cali we try to keep you posted of it as well. That is all for today, but will get back on that treadmill Will Smith style tomorrow and will not get off until the job gets done.

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