SMU Mustangs Commit Emmanuel Mudiay Shows Multiple Talents

By Dave Daniels
USA TODAY Sports- Troy Babbitt

SMU Mustangs commit Emmanuel Mudiay is a talented basketball player, but you probably did not know that his taking a theatre class this year and might even play Othello later on in the year. You can read the full piece below, but will also highlight the Shakespearean excerpt for you as well.

“My grades are good and I’m really loving my theatre class,” Mudiay for his USA TODAY Sports blog. “I might be playing in Othello later in the year, but I’ll have to keep you guys posted on that one. I think I’m a pretty good actor. I’m kinda like a “Will Smith” type actor. I say that because I’m pretty goofy. A lot of people don’t know that about me, but I’m like that around my close friends and family. OK everybody I’ve gotta run, but you know I appreciate you reading my blog. Check back soon because I’ll have another one coming. PONY UP!”

Fascinating stuff from Mudiay and also really enjoyed the part where he writes about trying to convince Myles Turner to join him at college. Thanks for stopping by Rant Sports Prep and will leave you as always with a bit of fortune cookie wisdom.

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