Arizona Wildcats Commit Stanley Johnson's Trainer Nicknamed Him "Stanimal"

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson is a player that Arizona Wildcat fans should be excited about watching one day real soon, and recently saw a piece on Fox Sports about the talented forward. Here is a brief excerpt about nicknames that Johnson has had and “Stanimal” is my absolute favorite.

“If you’re a player with the talent of Stanley Johnson,” Rahshaun Haylock writes. “There are no shortage of nicknames. His trainer Charlie Torres nicknamed him ‘Stanimal’. On trips with the USA junior National Team, consensus No. 1 player in the country Jahlil Okafor, and the nation’s point guard, Tyus Jones, began calling him ‘Stan Man’.”

The full piece is below and the other nine things to know about Johnson are pretty interesting as well.

We will have to see which nicknames Johnson likes best, and would like to cast my vote in for Stanimal if it is all good with you all. Rant Sports Prep is out of here for tonight, but be sure to come by tomorrow for even more of the good stuff. Thanks as always and will leave a little bit of fortune cookie wisdom for you as well.

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