Myles Turner Will Not Consider Kansas Jayhawks If Center Joel Embiid Stays

By Dave Daniels
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Myles Turner will apparently not be interested in joining the Kansas Jayhwaks if Joel Embiid stays for his sophomore year. Shout out to the ever brilliant Adam Zagoria for tweeting this below, and always enjoy the content by him.

Here is a brief excerpt from Turner’s coach in case you did not get a chance to check it out.

“I appreciate that because that was very honest,” Mark Villines said to SNY.TV by phone. “He said if Embiid stays, then there’s probably no need in Myles coming to Kansas. I mean, he said he could still come to KU but it probably wouldn’t be as good a fit as some of these other schools if [Embiid] stayed. He said if he doesn’t stay then we obviously think that KU would be a great place for Myles to come.”

The Jayhawks have certainly had enough recruiting luck in the last couple years, but it looks like this one not might swing their way. Embiid has said that he will probably stay in school, but let us see if that changes after a few million dollars get waved in front of his face. Head coach Bill Self will give him all the information the center needs, and then they will go from there. Be certain about one thing though, small forward Andrew Wiggins is going pro and there is no question at all about that.

That is all for Prep today, but will leave you as always with a bit of fortune cookie wisdom.

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