SMU Mustangs Commit Emmanuel Mudiay Says He Plays Like His Two Older Brothers

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Point guard Emmanuel Mudiay apparently took a bit of his game from each of his older brothers and it helped to make him the player he is today. Much thanks to the excellent interview piece below, and it even includes a part with Mudiay’s mother as well. Their journey from the Congo is incredible to hear, and it makes me want to root for Mudiay even more to win the National Title this season.

Mudiay will be playing for the SMU Mustangs and head coach Larry Brown next season, and this looks to be a program on the rise thanks the former Tar Heels point guard’s recruiting touch. It also probably helped a bit that one of Mudiay’s brothers is on the squad as well, but hey we will not mention that part too loudly here if that is okay with everyone out there. The Mustangs recently cracked the top 25 of the AP poll for what feels like the first time in at least a decade, but will double check that later on to be sure.

Wow! That is all for today, and will get the wheels moving again tomorrow.

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