Cliff Alexander Wins CPS Title After Jahlil Okafor Fouls Out of Four Overtime Thriller

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Cliff Alexander’s recent battle with Jahlil Okafor at the CPS title game was a thrilling night overall, but it is just a shame that the Whitney Young center fouled out before any of the overtimes. Jeremy Woo did a nice recap of the game below, but also watched it on the television myself so will give my own thoughts too.

Paul White impressed me quite a bit on Friday, and he carried the Dolphins throughout the third quarter; it was ultimately not enough, but the fact that they competed with Alexander through four overtimes is impressive enough itself. White was able to worm his way into the lane several times, and the forward should be quite a nice college basketball player even without Okafor on the floor with him.

Alexander certainly deserves credit for the play that Okafor fouled out on though, and was shocked at the skill level when saw the replay of the game on television today. It was certainly a blatant foul, and Okafor probably would have been better off to let Alexander get the shot off and then live with the results. One more Prep coming at you, and then might even be coming with a slide show as well. Thanks as always.

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