14 Year Old Quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann Commits to LSU Tigers

By Dave Daniels
Arkansas LSU
Beth Hall – USA TODAY Sports

Zadock Dinkelmann has made a verbal commitment to the LSU Tigers, but bear in mind that it is non-binding at the moment. He cannot officially sign his intent letter until 2018, so until then we will all wait with anticipation. Have to admit here that I do not like it that these college coaches can have access to these players at such a young age. Dikelmann has the pedigree for success though, because he is the nephew of Ty Detmer.

“LSU is a top program, and Zadock has liked LSU for a long time,” his father Johan Dinkelmann said to ESPN. “What kid at his age with dreams and aspirations wouldn’t commit to a program like that? God willing, he stays healthy and continues to improve, and he’ll get to live out his dream of playing for LSU, the school he loves.”

Never going to hate on a kid for trying to get himself a college education, and if it is at a place you love? All the better. Just think that sometimes the pressure can get to players a little bit too early, and maybe we should just let them be kids before worrying about college. Will hop off my soapbox, but that is all I wanted to express about that.

One more Prep piece is in the oven today, and then a slideshow later on as well. Can’t stop; won’t stop.

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